Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Skudge - First Observation EP

1. Surplus
2. Void
3. Void (Conforce Remix)

Skudge continue to mine a rich seam of tough, scuffed techno on a nifty new EP for Echocord. Dubbed chords expand and contract in finest Mark 'n Moritz style across a locked grid of reinforced kicks, but it's not all unwavering warehouse stricture - that rock-hard rhythm is enlivened with some refreshingly uncouth cymbal crashes and, oddly enough, carnival whistles. More immediately satisfying for us is 'Void', a full frontal 4/4 tech-house killer blessed with the kind of rollidge that made Skudge's break-out anthem 'Convolution' so essential, fleshed out with a nicely greased synth motif, crisp claps and sci-fi zaps. The ever-reliable Conforce steps up for a remix of 'Void', reconciling skippy rhythm and Detroitian hi-tech soul with a flair that calls to mind another techno con, Convextion. Strong stuff...www.boomkat.com

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