Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blitzen Trapper - American Goldwing

1. Might Find It Cheap
2. Fletcher
3. Love The Way You Walk Away
4. Your Crying Eyes
5. My Home Town
6. Girl In A Coat
7. American Goldwing
8. Astronaut
9. Taking It Easy Too Long
10. Stranger In A Strange Land

Only a year after releasing Destroyer of the Void, Blitzen Trapper is back with a new album. American Goldwing is a slight step away from their “usual space-aging technology and pawn shop Casio aplomb,” as band member Eric Earley put it. The album moves, “into the sounds we grew up with, the hard guitar rock and country picking of our younger years,” said Earley. Acoustic plucking and harmonica take the driver’s seat in this album, but mesh well with the previous Blitzen Trapper sound. “It’s me trying to evoke a true American nostalgia,” Earley explains.

Earley explains on the band’s bio page on their current label Sub Pop’s website that when he was a kid, his brother had a Honda Goldwing motorcycle. One day he hopped on the bike pretending he was, “racing along some lonely road.” The bike tipped over and pinned his leg. Earley said, “Writing American Goldwing felt much like that, like being pinned beneath a giant motorcycle, and its vision is that inescapable past, those feelings of being trapped in a small town, that fine line between the rural and the suburban settings that define much of America, that line between love and loss that occurs when you find yourself ‘taking it easy too long / sticking around this lonesome town.’”...www.pastemagazine.com

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