Monday, September 5, 2011

Plaid - Scintilli

01 Missing
02 Eye Robot
03 Thank
04 Unbank
05 Tender Hooks
06 Craft Nine
07 Sömnl
08 Founded
09 Talk to Us
10 35 Summers
11 African Woods
12 Upgrade
13 At Last

Back in June, classic IDM duo Plaid announced that they'd be hitting up Canada on their fall North American tour. Well, it turns out that they'll be promoting a new album while they're here. The long-awaited new disc Scintilli will arrive on September 26 via Warp.

The collection will be available as a double-LP or a CD. Music seller Bleep writes that the latter will be housed in a "'Muda na Mono' puzzle pack, the name taken from a Japanese phrase meaning 'pointless object'. It contains two die-cut rings and a CD which can be assembled as per the diagram above. If correctly aligned, the sphere created allows the track titles to be read. The packaging reflects a desire to give the CD an ornamental function, beyond its one use as a basic storage device for music."

Over at Warp's website, you can peruse a diagram that shows you how to construct the unique package. Pre-order it here.

For a taste of new music, check the video for the album cut "35 Summers" below. It's a tinkling, slow building track and the accompanying clip is fittingly mind-boggling. Scroll past the tracklist and tour schedule to

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