Monday, September 26, 2011


1. Ice
2. Crown 8vo
3. Words collided
4. a.m./soft focus
5. Blush mosaic
6. & our wild paths intersect
7. Fire dream
8. Peachy swan
9. Out the coast
10.Ndi bem
12.Rubylith film

London-based Patten has been operating on the fringes of electronic music for a couple of years now, with some reputable CD-Rs and other low-key releases under his belt, but this debut album proper for No Pain In Pop is a revelation, presenting a prismatic vision of narcotic, wonked-out, grid-dissolving house aimed at the cerebellum rather than the dancefloor. It's reminiscent of all sorts of things - the slanted techno of Diamond Catalog and Container, the hyper-kosmische of Bee Mask, the most disturbed Omar-S productions, and particularly the rich, isolationist machine-funk of Actress. It's chopped and glitched up to high heaven, but its grooves are true - we refer you to 'Blush Mosaic', which sounds like Boards Of Canada trying to make Chicago jack tracks through a hydroponic haze, or 'Fire Dream', with its hovering Detroit synth pads subjected to intensive Hud Mo or Rustie-style processing. The aesthetic is perfectly honed and executed: dense 4/4 psychedelia that is just madly engrossing. 'Out The Coast' is incredible, arpeggios and miasmic vocal layers – the perfect soundtrack for sunbathing on JG Ballard’s Terminal Beach. Elsewhere there's a diffracted, broken hip-hop quality that suggests superior mid-90s IDM re-wired for the hypnagogic generation. Disorientingly complex but breathtakingly immediate too, this will surely rank among the albums of the year for fans of the f*cked up

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