Thursday, September 8, 2011

Walton - Walton EP

1. Aggy
2. Mangled Riddim
3. 808 Vybzin
4. Skrilla

Hyperdub come wickedly fresh with the 4-track debut of Grimy House mutations by 20-year old Mancunian, Sam Walton. With a deadly youthful energy, these tracks find a killer sweetspot between instinctive Grime flow and the cool reserve of House with a highly refreshing lack of conceit, as opposed to, say, the flash, ultra-manicured moves of Damu for example. Face up, there's the dutty discipline of 'Aggy', syncing classically hard-assed Grime snares and cheeky synth squiggles with a rolling House flex, while 'Mangled Riddim' breathes 808-state-like synth pads over the kinkiest, hip-twystin' Latino 808 beats. Flipside, he plays it cool with the tropical fragranced synth washes of '808 Vibzin' before going in tuff on the stripped and bleepy swing of 'Skrilla'. No messin', this is a baaad platter!