Sunday, September 11, 2011

Container - LP

01 Application
02 Protrusion
03 Dissolve
04 Overflow
05 Rattler

*Absolutely killer, squashed & f*cked technoid mutations - the best Spectrum Spools yet* A few months back we clocked Emeralds synth wizard and Spectrum Spools curator John Elliott claiming on Twitter: "container lp on spectrum spools is like surgeon on DMT covering cybotron jams with a bubble machine". Needless to say, we've been awaiting the arrival of said album with bated breath ever since. It's now here, and we're pleased to be able to confirm that it lives up to Elliott's hype - sidestepping the cosmic drift of most other Spoolers, Container has created a twisted, time-warping and insolently f*cked lo-fi techno record that has to rank among the very best full-length statements of 2011. 'Application' is like the nutty Profan house of Wolfgang Voigt shorn of its Teutonic gloss and subjected to some extra-wild DIY signal processing, while 'Protrusion' and 'Rattler' summon the gnarly acid stylings of Legowelt and the MurderCapital crew. 'Dissolve' is closest to that teasing Surgeon+DMT+Cybotron formulation, a grot-infused meld of jackers' beats, sci-fi synthetics and scouring industrial noise. If you've been digging recent, raw avant-techno excursions from the noise underground - we're talking No Fun Acid, Ectoplasm Girls, Diamond Catalog, Dungeon Acid, etc - then you need this seriously mad, bad record in your life. Unmissable,

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