Friday, September 23, 2011

King Midas Sound - Kuedo And Mala Versions

1. Goodbye Girl (Kuedo Remix)
2. Earth a Kill Ya (Mala Remix)

With a year passed since the release of King Midas Sound's Waiting For You LP, it might seem a bit late for remixes of its tracks, but to be honest these brutal versions from Mala and Kuedo instantly justify themselves. Mala goes for a rootical halfstep sound on his rub of 'Earth A Kill Ya', keeping Roger Robinson's dread pronouncements centre-stage but arming them with Terminator synths and scuttling woodblock polyrhythms that invoke classic DMZ. Kuedo (Jamie Vex'd) excels himself with his mix of 'Goodbye Girl', delivering an epic, gritty R&B smackdown, all bone-crunching subs, squealing synths and ghosted vocal snippets - like the evil older brother of Joker's purple funk. Unmissable 12" for the serious bass

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