Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mark McGuire – Get Lost

1. Get Lost
2. When You're Somewhere
3. Alma
4. Another Dead End
5. Alma (Reprise) / Chances Are
6. Firefly Constellations

Drone artist Mark McGuire has been releasing music on his own for years, but made a name for himself in Emeralds, a drone band that struck a chord last year with the psychedelic LP Does It Look Like I'm Here. Since then McGuire's solo efforts have gotten more attention, especially Living With Yourself, a memory-obsessed LP from last October. Much like those releases, Get Lost is a psychedelic, emotional album built on Mcguire's synth and guitar loops. It sees release next month on Austrian avant-garde outlet Editions Mego. Head over to Altered Zones to hear the title


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