Thursday, September 15, 2011

VHS Head - Midnight Section

1. Sundown
2. Jager
3. Decapitron
4. Nightmare Park
5. Death Dimension
6. Siege Express
7. Midnight Section

VHS Head’s Video Club and Trademark Ribbons Of Gold rank as some of the finest outer-tronic records of recent times, representing as they do a completely unique, IDM-inflected and VCR-mangling take on the whole hypnagogic/hauntological fetish for re-processing the half-forgotten TV memories of yesteryear. This new EP finds the ‘Head going for a slightly heavier, harder sound, and in doing so he really strikes gold, from the cathode-fried cosmic undulations of ‘Decapitron’ to the itchy glitch-boogie of ‘Death Dimension’ and ‘Siege Express’ - clearly he’s been raiding the mid-80s exploitation section of his vid collection for this one. There are some curveballs too, like the chopped-up cocaine funk of ‘Jager’ and the beautifully washed out synthorama of ‘Nightmare Park’. We end on the deceptively mellowtitle track, its shimmering xylophone tones edited to all f*ck, like Autechre or BoC remixing The Advisory Circle. Seven exemplary video nasties for all the aspiring Max Renns among you. Rewind!

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