Friday, May 1, 2009

Matt Star - Check The Sun EP

01. Keep On Groovin
02. Check The Sun
03. Keep On Groovin (Mark Henning Remix)
04. Trip Out (Digital Only)

A new year, and the quality continues! You never quite know what to expect next from the Hypercolour camp and that's because the UK imprint seem to like to keep people on their toes.

Following on from Kris Wadsworth's reminder of what we all love about house music, Hypercolour have welcomed back Frankfurt's Matt Star. His remix of Glimpse & Alex Jones 'Felaz' was supported across the board and Matt has since gone onto producing a track on Cocoon's notorious annual box set compilation as well as countless remixes.

There are no rules to a Hypercolour release and Matt's sound sits firmly with the labels ethos as he combines house, techno and minimal into 3 dreamy yet driving cuts.

The title track 'Check the Sun' takes a simple vocodered vocal and lays it over some slick programmed beats - it's Robotic-Tech-House but not as we know it!

Next up is ‘Trip Out’ which does exactly what it says on the tin! Bleeps and strings scatter across the mix to create a layered, heady track with bags of movement.

Finally the release peaks with ‘Keep on Groovin’ where an intricate, warm bass melody kicks off proceedings underneath a breathy 'yeaaah' vox which flows throughout its sexy 8 minutes 30 second duration. With an incessant build, this track is intense and trippy in equal measure.

Berlin based, UK ex-pat Mark-Henning provides the remix and adds his own acidic twist to the echoing dreaminess of the original. Like Matt's original he builds an nagging groove towards the drop where the main riff provides a superb

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