Friday, May 1, 2009

Floating Points - Love Me Like This

1. Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub)
2. Shangrila

Unless you've been living in a shed with no internet for the last 6 months, you'll have probably caught a whiff of the hype around Floating Points. With a background as a classically trained musician and a fervent love for the deepest strains of jazz, soul and funk, Floating Points has rightly picked up a full wagon of support for his productions which have drawn favourable comparisons to Flying Lotus and Dilla. Appearing on the well-cool London house imprint R2, he's catered to their style with a sumptuous electro-soul edit on 'Love me Like This (Nonsense Dub), a longtime fave on his myspace now edited into an eight minute trip of the deepest red light vibes with a subtly modulated synthline squirming through the whole thing. If you've been loving the Thriller edits, this is highly recommended! The shorter cut 'Shangrila' is the reason so many beat heads have been tweaking their nipples in glee of late, with a cut reminiscent of his awesome debut 7", almost beating Flylo at his own game with psychedelically screwed analog synthlines curling around a reverant organ sunken in the mix over slip-swung beats. Like we said before, if you're into Flylo, Mike Slott, Hud Mo or the Thriller cats, you'll be all over this. Sick!

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