Friday, August 12, 2011

Africa Hitech - Out In The Streets (VIP)

01. Out In The Streets (VIP)
02. Caveman Style
03. Seek Em Step
04. Looking For The One (Digital Bonus Track)

Fresh from dropping their justly acclaimed 93 Million Miles LP, Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek ram their righteous message home with an absolutely stylin' single, transforming footwork-inspired album track 'Out In The Streets' into a jump-up junglist anthem with unmistakeable juke accents. With its high-suction sub bass this explosive VIP reminds us instantly of Undercover Agent's classic rudeboy roller 'Oh gosh!', but the slinky keys and battery of ping-ponging FX bring things bang up to 2011; best of all, they've kept the anthemic vocal refrain of the original shiningly intact. 'Caveman Style' is on a stripped-back bashment tip, all woody percussion, hollowed-out low-end and insolent synth brass straight outta the dancehall - if the thought of a classic Eski riddim refixed by Pearson Sound floats your boat, then you’ll dig this. 'Seek Em Step' feels similarly indebted to grime's heyday, a hanging Shinobi melody dressed with sweet techno licks and set to a deadly half-step skank. Digital bonus track 'Looking For The One' rounds out the package, itchy computer funk that damn near beats Zomby at his own

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