Friday, August 12, 2011

Bibio - T.O.Y.S.

1. Take Off Your Shirt
2. You Were Right
3. Chancylvania
4. Take Off Your Skirt

Warp's usually melancholy electro-folkster struts out all raunched-up and humming of sexed-up synths, guitar and sax on his "break-out" single 'T.O.Y.S'. At the top 'Take Off Your Shirt' hitches his tight jeans for a proper rocking pose, before 'You Were Right' switches the dial to slow-flowin' robo-boogie with full on vocoder and crashing syndrums very much in the same vein as the Ford & Lopatin album. Flip her, and 'Chancylvania' cocks a leg over old-spiced keytar riffs, saucy French gynoid vox and fluttering pads reminding of recent Squarepusher outings. Topping it all off is a stadium-ready reprise of 'Take Off Your Shirt' for fans of Phoenix.

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