Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Cassettes - I've Been Gone Far Too Long...

1. I've Been Gone
2. Far Too Long
3. Witchers
4. Australia (bonus track)

What if an itinerant band of folk musicians took a journey in a dirigible and met a tabla player and a theremin artist? If this is your kind of jam, you’re in luck. Just yesterday The Cassettes released the four-song EP I’ve Been Gone Far Too Long… If you know their sound from their first two albums, Writing Analog Letters (2010) and ‘Neath the Pale Moon (2006), you’ll know what to expect: an exploratory fusion of instruments that is the harder edge of live folk, or the acoustic big sister to punk. This EP doesn’t have quite the rocking edge that the last two releases had. Instead it has a more dreamlike quality, like the kind of lush east-meets-west sound that the Beatles developed in the White Album, married to the slow stroll of a cowboy

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