Monday, August 15, 2011

Ghost Note - Ghost Note II

1. Kapwa
2. Albularyo

Another red hot and innovative release from our favourite NY label! Ghost Note II follow up their stunning debut with another double header of uncategorizable, but mind-blowing cosmic dance music. Wikipedia say that 'ghost notes' are 'musical notes occurring in a rhythmic figure which are purposely deemphasized, often to the point of near silence'. I reckon that's what is going on with the tripped-out epic "Kapwa"; opening with radio static, the track slowly builds with percussive layers and a malevolent, out-of-earshot tribal intensity before opening out into the beautiful sunlight of 60s-style psych church organ and acoustic guitar lines... Blimey! It should leave you gagging for a bit of dancefloor action, which is handily supplied on B-side cosmic belter "Abularyo", which adds a cinematic edge to proceedings and lets go full-tilt (cosmic) boogie style in the middle - you can almost hear the flap of those

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